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At Johns And Son Auto Repair, we pride ourselves in being able to tackle auto repair jobs big and small. We’ve done repair services on almost all car brands.

Take a look at some of our most recently completed auto repair jobs, with pictures from before and after our services.

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Recently Completed Repairs

Timing Belt Service

2002 Audi A4

This customer came John And Son Auto Repair due to a grinding noise emanating from the front of his engine. Obviously, he was concerned. After an inspection, we found that the noise was generated form the timing belt driven water pump. As the belt was well out of the time specification, it was time to complete a timing belt service. As it is an Audi, the job was extremely difficult and required specialty tools. Parts to complete the job include, cam and crankshaft seals, timing belt, idler tensioners, timing belt, water pump, and etc.

To complete the job, the car must be placed in “service mode,” in other words; we had to pull the entire front of the car apart. Also, we have the necessary specialty tools to hold the camshafts while we complete the service. See the pictures above pictures, to get the full effect of the timing belt service on the Audi.

$1,500 – $2,000

mechanical restoration

1996 Nissan Pathfinder

The customer has intension of turning this vehicle into an “expedition rid.” As such, the vehicle needs to have unmatched reliability, solid fuel efficiency, a comfortable ride, and moderate off-road capability.

To start, maintenance…. we completed a timing belt service including all oil seals, timing belt, water pump. Next, to ensure long-term drivability, we added new NGK Spark plugs, NGK Spark Plug wires, Beck Arnley distributor cap and rotor. Furthermore we put in a new clutch, rear main seal, alongside all four u-Joints. Next, we added new Bendix Pads and Ctek Rotors all the way around. And, Lastly, we added a 2” aftermarket Suspension lift dressed out with larger KYB Shocks, and 32” BF Goodrich KO2 All terrain tires. Up Next, We are going to install a custom made Roof Rack and Snorkel.



2006 Hyundai Accent

The customer towed the vehicle to our shop and complained that the car wound not start. We place our “jump box” on the car, and it started immediately. The battery was stone dead.

We diagnosed the vehicle using a Volt/ohm Meter, and found that the alternator was not charging properly. Thus we removed the old alternator, and replaced it was a good quality remanufactured unit and cleaned secured the battery terminals for good measure.

mechanical restoration

1986 Porsche 944

This vehicle was purchased by the shop from a gentleman who needed a vehicle that was more reliable and functional. The vehicle was past due on maintenance especially the timing belts and water pump.

The power steering pump was pouring fluid every time you turned the wheel, and the A/C and radio do not work. It also had some cosmetic blemishes on the doors. We have undertaken the task of rejuvenating the vehicle.

cvt transmission

2006 Nissan Altima

The customer drove the vehicle to our shop complaining of a loud grinding noise from the engine compartment. Upon driving the vehicle, we noticed that the transmission was slipping. Nissans CVT transmission are known to have early failures.

They have extended warranties on a number of different vehicles to cover this issue. Unfortunately, this vehicle was out of warranty by mileage. We replaced the CVT transmission with a new unit from the Nissan factory. (There is no way to get a good remanufactured unit) The slipping and grinding noise were fixed.

$3,400 – We were $300 cheaper than the local Nissan dealer.

Formerly known as John's and Sons Auto Repair, same management, same employees, better marketing.