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Air conditioning & heating

Don’t drive around freezing in the winter and sweating in the summer! Schedule your car air conditioning and heating repair today with Johns & Son. From routine maintenance to auto air conditioning repair and car heater repair, we will make sure you are riding comfortably without emptying out your wallet. Call us today and get free initial diagnostics.

Cooling system

Johns & Son Auto Repair is a cooling system expert repair shop. Your cooling system is what keeps your car from having a meltdown. Cooling system repair on most cars ranges from fairly simple to quite difficult. Give us a call or come by our shop to diagnose the problem and get it fixed today!

engine repair

Got engine problems? At Johns & Son Auto Repair, we diagnose your engine to find problems by checking everything under the hood like spark plug wires, vacuum lines, and more. As your car’s engine componenents ware down, engine repair is often necessary. Call us today to schedule your engine repair appointment.

suspension repair

Johns & Son Auto Repair is your one stop shop for steering repair and auto suspension repair. We are the suspension experts in Tallahassee! With shocks and struts replacements, and a range of suspension repair services, you can stay safe and in control on the road. Call us today if you’re having suspension problems.

electrical repair

Electrical issues in your car can be difficult to diagnose and repair yourself, so bring your car in to our expert shop for car electrical diagnosis and repair. Call us today if you’re having automotive electrical failure.

brakes repair

We offer expert brake repair, replacement, and maintenance. Brake maintenance is very important, yet it is often the most overlooked part of an automobile. With our auto brake repair services, you can be safer on the road.

power windows repair

If your windows are not going up and down when you want them to, come by our shop for expert power windows repair services. We can diagnose the issue, and make repairs or replacements so your windows are working as needed.

transmission & clutch repair

We repair clutches and clutch hydraulics and or linkages. We repair manual transmissions and automatic transmissions. We offer full service to all transmissions. We offer full transmission and clutch repair services, and can repair both manual and automatic transmissions. Pay less for precision transmission repairs and services with Johns & Son Auto Repair, call us today!

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Formerly known as John's and Sons Auto Repair, same management, same employees, better marketing.